How Bail Bonds Work

Bail Bond Guidelines in New Jersey County Jails

Whether it is you, or a loved one in jail, it is important to know some NJ bail bond guidelines , and understand how the whole process works when it comes to getting out of jail on a bond agreement. Here is an outline of the process, and what you can expect.


When someone is arrested and detained for a serious crime, they have to wait in a New Jersey jail until a bail hearing, in which the judge will set a bail amount.  If this amount is paid to the court, the detained person can be released until his or her court date. Otherwise, if the bail can't be paid, the person must wait in jail until a decision in court has been made. Unfortunately, this bail amount is above what a normal person has available (and depends on the crime). This is where bail bonds come into play…

Posting Bail

Most of the people don't have the required cash or assets to present without delay to the authorities for the purpose of posting bail.  Bail bonds can be issued by a bail bondsmen or bail bonds agency–which allows an arrestee to pay a percent of the total bail amount (10% usually), and the bondsmen guarantees the remaining 90% of the total bail amount to the government court. As an example, if the bond fee in New Jersey is 10%, and the bail is about at $10,000, an arrestee or circle of relatives/pal would pay a non-refundable $1000 (10%) to a bail bonds company, who will then put up bail and guarantee attendance on the future court date.  Depending on positive danger factors, and the crime involved, collateral can also be required from bail bonds agencies.

Defendant Is Released From Jail

Once the New Jersey courts accept the bail bond from the agency, the defendant is released from custody. Since the bail bond agency guaranteed that the New Jersey defendant will show up in court, this is called a surety bond.  It is the defendant's duty to comply with all New Jersey law regarding future court apperances, or until the case is dismissed and the bond is released. Our services page explains the comprehensive coverage of bail bonds that we offer.

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